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Change The World

As one of our core values, I feel strongly that we have a personal responsibility to make the world a better place.  Here at Ginger Beds, I am committed to making the lives of dogs better by creating the most comfortable bed possible, so they always have a comfy place to rest their heads.  I also believe our veterans are amazing people who should be cherished for the incredible sacrifices they have made and continue to make every day for our country.

When I launched the business, I wanted to find a non-profit that was making a difference in the world for dogs and our veterans.  K9S For Warriors is just such an organization, and I am honored to be in the position to assist them with their mission.


Based in Ponte Vedra, Florida, K9S For Warriors provides therapy dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD. They offer this service at no cost to our veterans and host the veterans for an extensive training program to get to know their support pup.  As if that wasn’t special enough, over 95% of the dogs placed are rescues, and they are the world's largest shelter-to-service program.  By saving these pups from a lifetime of abandonment or euthanasia, they provide them a purpose they can be proud of. 

To assist them with their goals, I have committed to donating a portion of every sale (Not profit) to K9S For Warriors.  As a small business, I know that does not amount to much now, but as Ginger Beds grows, so will our support level.  I sincerely appreciate your interest in my beds and am eternally grateful as your business enables me to do what I can to help out some amazing people.

Be the change...