Where are your dog beds made?

  • Every single Ginger Bed is handcrafted by John, the founder in the garage of their home in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Why are your dog beds so amazing?

  • It starts with unique fabrics you won't find on other dog beds.  We also take extra production steps during handcrafting each bed to ensure it will be extremely durable and super comfy for your pup.

Are your dog beds washable?

  • They absolutely are!  The covers for our dog beds are zipper enclosed for easy removal when it's time to give the bed a quick washing.  We share a detailed video with you at time of purchase explaining the easiest way to wash the bed when it's time.

What is a Ginger Bed anyway?

  • Ginger was our lovable, but incredibly sassy English Bulldog who loved three things, eating, sleeping and bossing us around.  When I decided to start making dog beds, it only made sense to name the company after her.  Unfortunately, we lost Ginger November 2019 and we miss her dearly, but it makes me smile knowing a little bit of her is in every bed I make.

How long will it take for my order?

  • All orders usually ship out in 3 to 4 days.  I make each and every bed myself when your order comes in.  I promise it will be worth the wait!

Are your dog beds durable?

  • While I am a little biased, I would say yes!  I I have worked extremely hard to source the most durable fabrics and components for my dog beds and I think you will agree once your pup has one.  That said, the one thing that will destroy any bed, is a dog that likes to chew.  If your pup is still in a chewing phase, I would recommend holding off on purchasing any bed until they've grown out of that.

Are your dog beds earth friendly?

  • We have worked hard to create a great dog bed that also is kind to the one earth we have.  We have a 90% fabric utilization from the cutting of our patterns so we have very little waste.  For the remnants that are left over, we partner with local schools and non-profits to donate the scraps for art and sewing projects so the fabric doesn't end up in the landfill.  Most importantly, the fill we use for our cushions is made entirely of recycled plastic water bottles.

What is your dream for Ginger Beds?

  • My goal is to create a socially thoughtful business that can have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, their pups and the communities they live in.  I also want to create an environment for a team of employees that is nurturing and offers learning and growth opportunities to everyone.