Our Amazing Beds

Think about how many mattress companies have cropped up for people to choose from.  Considering the love and joy that dogs bring into our lives, the least we can do is make sure they have a comfy place to rest their head as well.  My wife and I were tired of buying $50 beds that would fall apart in 6 months, were made of ugly fabric and weren't comfortable for our pups.  We also try to be thoughtful of where the products we buy are made and I knew most of these beds were being made by people who were most likely being exploited and underpaid for the job they were doing.  

Knowing I could create something better, I launched Ginger Beds.  While I had a rudimentary understanding of how to sew, it was limited to sewing buttons back on thanks to my Grandma.  I leaned on some sages of sewing to teach me the basics and from there I ran with it and taught myself how to make an amazing dog bed.


My dog beds are handcrafted in beautiful Bend, Oregon and I have built out a small workroom in our garage that is incredibly efficient for it's size.  I am still a very small business and I do everything myself.  When you place your order, I start with pulling the fabric, marking the patterns and then I am off to the races.  I know at some point the business will grow to the point of needing to build a team.  That said, I absolutely love sewing each and every bed myself.  It makes me feel great knowing that my effort is going to give your pup a comfortable dog bed to rest and sleep when they're tuckered out.

I know it's incredibly difficult when you're looking at a picture on a website, but I can assure you that my dog beds are unlike anything you have every purchased for your pup.  I have taken great pride in sourcing the most durable components and design minded fabrics that will look amazing in your home and your dog will love.  Compared to most store bought beds, my cushions have double the fill in them, which creates an incredibly comfy bed.  

Knowing we only have one planet, I have tried to make my dog beds as earth friendly as possible.  The filling I use for my cushions is made entirely of recycled water bottles.  When it comes to my fabrics, I have a fabric utilization of close to 90% so I create very little fabric waste.  For the fabric that is not usable, I donate to local schools for them to use in their art classes.

I appreciate your interest in my dog beds and I am committed to making the best bed your pup has ever had!