Our Story

My name is John, and I am the Founder of Ginger Beds.  Like many small businesses, I launched Ginger Beds from the comfort of our garage.  If you're wondering why nobody else is in the picture with me, that is because I am it!   While I am working to grow the business, at this point, I do it all, and when you place your order, the magic happens!  I roll out the fabric, cut the patterns, and handcraft them into our fabulous dog beds.  I also sew and fill all the cushions for our beds.  All of this amazingly happens in the garage, you see in the picture. 

So, you're probably wondering why the name Ginger Beds?  We have our sassy English Bulldog, Ginger, to thank for that!  She was tough on her beds, and they were so ugly, we would rush to hide them when company came over.  I knew I could make something more durable and comfortable that utilized unique and design-minded fabrics.  After countless prototypes, I opted for the classic donut-style dog bed because most dogs innately love to burrow and nest inside the bolsters.

Unlike most dog beds you will find on the market, my beds are made in the United States, right here in Bend, Oregon.  My wife, Kadee, and I believe in supporting small businesses and knowing where the products we purchase are made.  I wanted to stay true to that by maintaining complete control over the production process.  When you place your order, it will be me alone handcrafting the most incredible dog bed your pup has ever had. 

I utilize upholstery-grade components to ensure I’m making the most durable bed possible.  Knowing that a dog bed needs to be cleaned from time to time, every element of my beds is machine washable.  As for the fabrics, I frequently travel to the fabric markets in High Point, North Carolina, to curate my fabric collection. Each fabric is tested to make sure it meets my and Ginger's high-quality standards for our beds.

Unfortunately, we lost Ginger in November 2019, but it warms my heart to know that her inspiration helped launch the business and that there's a little bit of her in every bed I make.  I sincerely appreciate you visiting my site and considering one of my Ginger Beds for your pup.

 See you on the other side sweet girl..