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Ginger Beds

Pom Pom Fabric - Dog Beds

Pom Pom Fabric - Dog Beds

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Bed Description

Ginger Beds are a donut style dog bed because everyone loves donuts!  Dogs inherently love to curl up and nest when they sleep.  The donut style bed gives them the comfort and security they need as they nestle inside the bolsters. 

All of my dog beds are handcrafted by me in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  I only use upholstery grade components that create a durable and comfortable dog bed for your pup.  I channel stitch the center cushion to keep the filling from migrating to the corners and creating flat spots.  The filling I use is made entirely of recycled water bottles which keeps them out of our oceans, rivers and streams.  All of the covers are zipper enclosed for easy removal come wash time.

Fabric Description


I know, who in their right mind would use a white fabric for a dog bed.  I would that’s who!  This adorable fabric has soft, multi-color tufts of fabric woven into the fabric that remind me of cheerleader pom poms. (Hence the name!)  For the center cushion I make a reversible cover.  One side has a lime-colored canvas, while the opposite has my Lana Cobalt fabric.  Either side coordinates wonderfully with the beautiful tufts of color.  Bringing this all together creates one of the cutest dog beds I’ve ever seen. 

Being this is a very light-colored fabric, I would not recommend it should your pup love to dig, roll and play in all forms of dirt.  However, if your pup likes to stay nice and tidy, this adorable bed would be a great choice.

Bed Sizing 

Junior (24" Outer diameter) Perfect for any dog up to 25 pounds.
Momma (31" Outer Diameter) Perfect for any dog up to 50 pounds.  *This was Ginger's preferred size!
Big Poppa (43" Outer diameter) Perfect for any dog up to 100 pounds and beyond.

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